Weak points of Maus

Orange - commander, gunner, loader
Red - engine, fuel, transmission
Green - vulnerable zones
White - ammo rack
Blue - driver


When using maus you need to angle it like this( / or \ ) to bounce the enemy shot and if maus is in front of you shoot the lower side glacis thats located at the front of the track it is only 80mm armor

08.09.2014 14:08:15


To add on to what jerry wrote, when shooting the cheeks of the maus aim apporximatley 1.5 inch away from the gun mantle, and aim for the right side of the cheeks (your right when looking at him) and you should be able to pen him.

01.07.2014 17:36:03


The turret is very powerfull in the front too, when i try it with my IS-7 the shell usually bounces.

02.03.2014 23:23:50


- when a Mouse is angled it becomes a fortress. The best way is to shoot the turret if a player does not angle it.

- turret weak spots are at the front left and right side.

- at the back are weak round orange plate on the turret and lower hull (between the tracks)

- shooting the small view port on top of the turret does no damage

22.11.2013 22:06:01