Weak points of KV-1S

Orange - commander, gunner, loader
Red - engine, fuel, transmission
Green - vulnerable zones
White - ammo rack
Blue - driver


Dude, with the 122mm it can pump out 400 - 500 damage per hit and doesn't even care about the armour of the tank it is against. BTW where the hell is the ammo rack? I don't see it

25.12.2016 13:25:33


I wonder why people say this tank is OP. It has terrible side armor, and its lower glacis is so weak that most tier 4s could get through it

14.10.2016 05:34:48



The original KV-1 is stronger in armor, so the primary advantage is speed, if it wasn't fast I would prefer the normal KV-1. Comparing it to the earlier tier 6 version is silly, as the strongpoint was its gun, which it no longer has.

03.10.2014 17:56:28

Awesome Tank

i just love this tank it is really awesome!

26.09.2014 07:35:06


When in a Hetzer, I have no option but to run away anytime there is a KV-1S around because I can shoot my entire magazine at it and it does nothing. Now in the 9.3 release in 2014 the tank was moved from tier 6 to tier 5--ludicrous! It means lower tiers now have to see this invincible KV-1S more than before. And the tier change also means when I am in my Ferdinand tier 8 which could handle them won't be matched up with them anymore. I guess the only logical solution is to sell all tanks and get a KV-1S. It's obvious this game was made by russians and they make it more biased every release.

26.09.2014 05:45:47