Weak points of TOG II*

Orange - commander, gunner, loader
Red - engine, fuel, transmission
Green - vulnerable zones
White - ammo rack
Blue - driver


(Sigh) Such a easy target and it's slow moving too, with this thing on the others team, we already win.

Overall i only see it being a defender to soak up all the damage while the rest either flank or shoot from behind.

05.02.2019 17:12:27


It's ass end can bounce most shots if u can manage to turn it around and keep to level ground.... auto bounce angle... but God awful slow.. very handy in 1v1 when u have low hp...

19.09.2016 00:12:43


The TOG ll, on the Maps that have BRIDGES, a TOG makes a VERY good road blocker if turned sideways. Once dead, there are not many tanks that can push the blasted thing out of the way. On the map Erleneburg for instance, a TOG ll platoon could effectivly block all 3 bridges, thusly creating a bottleneck/funnel point at the water crossings to keep the enemy at bay on an ASSAULT. The TOG ll is a tactical peice of if used well....just saying.

24.05.2015 04:39:44


There is nothing you can do about the TOG II's armour. The whole damn thing should be green. But, as a personal enthusiest of the TOG II, I find it quite helpful. Well... sort of

06.04.2015 07:01:01


Whales belong in the water

10.03.2015 15:40:14